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Financial Assistance to the Students Student Support
Financial Assistance to the Students
Teacher Incharge:
Dr. Harmeet kaur
Ms. Sandeep kaur Ms. Poonam Sharma( Librarian)

Financial Resources
Management gives the financial assistance to needy students, Parentless, fatherless, Siblings and handicaps. Scholarships are received from Punjab Government to the students belonging to Scheduled caste and backward Classes along with this scholarship is also provided to minority students and Panjab University, Chandigarh award scholarship to student whose percentage is above 75. Book Bank facility is also available in the college. As far as budgetary provisions are concerned, the college spends liberally on placement drive.

Book Bank
A book bank facility is made available in the college from where the students get free books for the complete one session.

Student Council
The College has a Students' Representative body and it has been aptly named as "Student Council". Through it students involve themselves in multifarious duties that the college demands of them. ~ Class Representatives

Major Activities of the Student Council include:
1. To assist maintaining Discipline, Conducting Assemblies and functions acting as link between faculty and students, conducting functions, reporting issues demanding attention, representing students where needed, act as aides to the Principal, dedicated service towards the college etc.
2. To bring to the notice of concerned authorities, the problems and difficulties faced by the students
3. To express views regarding overall working of the college and its improvement.

Remedial Classes
Academically low achievers are identified by the teachers on the basis of their performance in class tests and house examination. Following measures are taken for the betterment of such students:
1. The tutorials and remedial classes are conducted for these students to provide support in difficult areas of learning,
2. Students are encouraged to sharpen their listening and writing skills and to improve communication skills to overcome language barriers.
3. Adequate practice work is given to these students.
4. Additional Reading material and simplified notes. Quick revision points prepared by the faculty members.
5. Individual attention is being paid to them.
6. Providing Friendly environment for Motivation and confidence building
7. Slow learners may approach the concerned teachers during their free periods
8. Psycho-social counselling is also provided by teachers to students whose studies get adversely affected by personal or emotional problems.

Enrichment programmes
They are provided enrichment programmes where the advanced learners are provided additional assignments, duties and platforms to exhibit their academic potential such as quizzes, debates, elocutions. They are rewarded for their achievements in the annual function.