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Principal's Message

Each springs new leaves buds and flowers that are nature in all its glory. But the spring of humanity begets new buds on each new day. Education should help one to acquire life skills, thereby live well, behave well to others and contribute his/her best to the society/nation/world. Ultimately the aim of Education should be real peace in the world, where persons only use, develop, and spread the positives in them.

I firmly believe that Our college Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Education Beghpur Kamlooh Mukerian is more than just a place to learn. It gives you a chance to grow by equipping you with everything you need to achieve excellence. At SGGSCE College we ensure students get the best start to their future careers to become smart and careful citizens of our glorious country, India.

Moreover, the college has a commendable record of a very high pass percentage every year with the maximum number of 1st Divisions in both theories as well as in Practice of Teaching in the University Examination Result. I am proud of being the Principal of such a wonderful institute dedicated to the causes of a better India through education and their real empowerment. Come on let’s give our best and make this institute a modern temple of learning through our diligence, devotion, and dedication.

I strongly believe in the concept that:- “Moral and values-based Education leads to all-round development”. My wholehearted wishes and thanks to all the users of our college website.

I wish all the students grand success in their careers and prosperity in their future life.

Dr. Harmeet Kaur