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Master of Education (M.Ed.) Excellence at GNCE

M.Ed. (Master of Education) is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary or the middle level, secondary and senior secondary at the school level according to National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). This degree is mandatory for teaching in higher primary and high schools in India. The program focuses on enabling student-teacher to reflect critically on the perspectives of education and integrate theory and practices to facilitate active engagement of learners for the knowledge creation. The qualification required for entry in M.Ed. course is Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)





Career opportunities

The M.Ed. program opens multiple windows for the future. Being a part of professional teaching education program, students are prepared to teach joyfully and skillfully. After completion of the course, students can start their career as a TGT/PGT teacher in government or private schools or colleges to teach students of upper primary or middle level, secondary and senior secondary students. After this program, they can go for Ph.D. in education.