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Guidance and Counseling Cell

Guidance and Counseling Cell
Teacher Incharge:
Convenor: Ms. Amandeep Kaur
Member: Ms. Daljeet Kaur Ms. Mandeep Kaur

The Guidance and Counseling cell of the college provides a wholesome and conducive environment for the all-around development of the students. This is a team effort involving the principal, faculty members. Various guidance and counseling services provided to the students are as follows:
~ At the beginning of the academic session, the cell provides an orientation to the students about the functioning of the college, learning resources and other technological arrangements available as well as the institutional values.
~ The cell organizes various lectures for the graduate students of the college to improve the overall personalities that help them to meet challenges in global competition.
~ It organizes various training programs including those on personality development, training for confidence building, positive self-esteem, time management, interpersonal skills to face interviews.
~ It provides personal, vocational, and career counseling to the students on a one-to-one basis.
~ The cell addresses their specific personal problems, opportunities for employment as well as career development and provides guidance to appear for competitive examinations.