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Institutional Objectives

The institution ensures holistic development - intellectual, social, physical, emotional and creative potentials of all its members through various activities.
The objectives that emerge from the mission and vision of the institution are framed as follows:
A. Objectives for students

• To educate the minds and spirit of student teachers by providing them value-based education and such learning environment that fosters character building and helps them to lead a life of learning and service.

• To develop critical capacities among students to use research findings as a basis for improving their teaching.

• To produce professional teachers, who have the theoretical knowledge and understanding, combined with practical skills, competencies and commitment for work to enhance the quality of education.

• To build knowledge of diverse people and cultures, as well as the natural and physical world, to promote peace and harmony among all living beings in the realms of plants, animals, inanimate objects, and humans.

• To provide holistic education to the prospective teachers enabling them to engage in self-designed and self-motivated, intellectual and experiential inquiry which is comprehensive in its sources and efficient in its outcome.

• To foster the attitude of respect for people of all walks and to promote the spirit of oneness in student.

• To ensure that the students acquire social and technical skills required for living and working in the global world.

• To provide opportunities for preserving our socio-cultural heritage through a broad program of activities beyond the curriculum.

• To provide well-resourced infrastructure having a clean, warm, comfortable and attractive ambience.

• To promote policy of inclusion for disadvantaged and disabled students.

• To acquaint the student teachers with the impact of globalization on education.

• To assist with career advice and progression as appropriate.

B. Objectives for Parents

• To work in partnership with parents through effective communication and transfer of information in such a way that will facilitate mutual support, and ultimately, the development of every student to the fullest.

C. Objectives for Employees

SGGSCE recognizes that its employees are its most valuable human resources. Therefore, it seeks:

• To employ dedicated, able and enthusiastic staff.

• To provide them a structured induction and review process, opportunities for professional development, and to value the contribution of each member of the staff for the continuing success of the college.

• To encourage them to remain at the forefront of thinking about all aspects of education, and continue to play a leading role in the debate about the educational issues and concerns.

• To create and sustain an environment that empowers every staff member to operate effectively for leadership and management roles, fostering professional growth and collaboration.

D. Objectives for Alumnae

• To maintain a life-long relationship with alumnae by providing them opportunities to participate in various college activities.

E. Objectives for the local Community

• To foster links with educational institutions and community service centers.

F. Long Term Objective

• The primary focus of this institute is to give every prospective teacher the opportunity to reach her academic potential; it also nurtures creativity, passion, resilience and leadership qualities among its students for the development of versatile personality.