Programme Learning Outcomes B.Ed.

After completion of Teacher Education programme the pupil teachers will be able to:


  • Develop ten key competencies as identified by National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE).
  • Attain harmonious development of their personality.
  • Analyze curriculum and select appropriate teaching strategies according to their needs.
  • Compete at the global level through the use of interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • Engage themselves in the process of self directed learning through the use of innovative practices.
  • Apply teaching skills and methodology to deal with classroom problems.
  • Empower themselves with the subject content and pedagogy.
  • Expand their horizon of knowledge by integrating technology in the process of planning and transaction of curriculum.
  • Comprehend the characteristics, needs and strategies of dealing with diverse learners in an inclusive environment.
  • Develop various life skills needed for successful survival in society.
  • Contribute to the community service programme.
  • Seek better employment and generate resources for the economy.
  • Become reflective learners with an insight for human welfare.
  • Show their concerns towards the emerging issues in the current environment.
  • Establish a link between theory and practice.