Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities


The facilities and infrastructure is planned as per the norms and requirements of NCTE and Panjab University, Chandigarh.

There is a supervisor appointed to look after the development and maintenance work.
The building is whitewashed / painted every alternative year.
• There is a workshop to handle the dilapidated work. The institute has a contract mechanism under which electric work, woodwork, sanitary work, etc. are accomplished.
The college building is fully insured against any kind of accidental damages. The hardware is covered under the maintenance agreements.
The institution regularly spends a portion of its budget for the proper upkeep and maintenance of its infrastructure. Termite treatment is carried out from time to time.
Library: Library has modern facilities including internet connectivity and a media room. Purchase of new books is done at the beginning of each academic year also as when the need arises, by procuring the list of books from each department. This is followed by giving purchase order, delivery, giving accession no., labeling, indexation arranging according to the subjects in bookracks. Books are given special accession nos.
The lending library allows the students to keep the book for a year. Library timings are from 9 am to 4 pm on all working days. At the end of the academic year, stock verification is done. Maintenance of
damaged books are done by the binding section.

Sports: Each academic year seeks fresh enrolment of students for indoor/outdoor tournaments. Practices for indoor/outdoor tournaments are held in the mornings/evenings respectively. Sports equipment purchase is done as per the requirements. All the details of the team’s financial aspects are recorded.

ICT-related services: For ICT maintenance technical personnel is appointed on campus and to manage ICT a system administrator is appointed. A periodic check of all the devices and maintenance of software is carried out as and when the need arises. If the system requires any repairs, a maintenance slip is filled and given to the office. The technical personnel does the needful.

Other facilities Periodical servicing of facilities like Water filters, A.C.s, Fire extinguishers, LCDs, etc. are done as per the academic calendar. All classrooms washroom upkeep is regularly carried out by special supporting staff, the supervision of which is done by the committee in charge. Regular
building maintenance is carried out at periodic intervals. Classrooms are wide and spacious, well-lit, and ventilated. The classrooms are dusted and swept regularly after the completion of all the lectures at the end of the day by the cleaning staff. Repairs and maintenance of the furniture as well as electrical appliances is been done as and when the need arises.