Institutional distinctiveness

The college Motto, “Aspire , Act and Achieve ” clearly reflects its goals and mission. The college has achieved many milestones in academic, cultural, sports and professional activities Management and Faculty provide tremendous emotional support to students. Since more than 70% of the students are females, Woman centered mentoring is in place for all students. At times of personal and family bereavement faculty visit homes and provide unstinted support. Faculty interacts with parents whenever required. Timely intervention is carried out when faculty feels students may be in danger or unstable in any way. Needy students, or those with unstable homes are provided hostel facility at reduced rates or even free. Days of National importance are celebrated with prayer, talks and student activities. Teachers follow trilingual mode of instruction for the benefit of students.

• The faculty practices diversity of instruction by using varied methods of teaching styles as required in different situations.

• The diversity of instruction is ensured through varied classroom techniques, use of electronic gadgets in classroom teaching, use of digital learning methods and materials, Online open source learning programmes, Micro learning modules, case studies and writings, discussion forums, quiz makers, peer reviewed assignments etc.
• Students are given instructions for practical and field work by optimum utilization of technologically well equipped laboratories i.e ET Laboratory, language Laboratory and Computer Laboratory.

• The students are encouraged to adopt these technologies in their practice teaching sessions, student seminars and presentations.

• The institution has introduced the concept of simulated learning / peer learning/ micro learning.

• In addition the staff also engages in E-Content development.
• Broadband with the unlimited internet connection
• Computerized library with e-resources
• College website with updates
• Enrollment in Delnet
• Language lab
• Develop power point presentations Student grievances regarding evaluation and results are addressed promptly.

The college conducts various activities to ensure student centric learning environment. Curriculum enrichment is ensured through outreach and extension programmes in which faculty and students participate. Field trips, inter-departmental activities and programs organised with collaborative support from organizations of national repute provide invaluable national and even international exposure to our rural students. At seminars, workshops and conferences, students are given key leadership roles. Sensitivity to the environment and eco consciousness is fostered on our campus in every activity that is pursued. Faculty and Management in the College believe that their true role is the transformation of raw human resource into professionally skilled and socially
responsible teachers .