Best Practices

Finishing School Programme To upgrade the teacher education program a unique concept of  Finishing School Programme has been incorporated into the college curriculum. ‘Finishing School Programme’ has been introduced by the institution for the development of global competencies among the students and the institute provides a conducive environment. Training in ICT skills is provided, modules related to various domains of knowledge are prepared using ICT. Other modules covered under this program are-

  • Soft Skill development
    • Effective communication Skills
    • Interpersonal Skill
    • Resume Writing
    • Mock Interviews
    • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

The finishing School Programme has been introduced to increase employability skills and overall personality development of the students. It caters to the need and demands of both advanced learners as well as Slow Learners.
b) Organization of Weekly Morning Assembly by mentor groups every week

On every Wednesday this committee organizes a morning assembly in the
Assembly hall of the college where students recite prayers, discuss current news, thoughts, and talks on various societal and current

  • The institution tries its best to inculcate the moral and spiritual values among the student teachers through morning assembly. It is compulsory for every student teacher to participate in the morning
    • Emphasis on Indian Value System through morning assembly, clubs societies, and curricular activities
    • Morning Assembly by each mentor group (starts with religious prayer, then 2-3 speeches by students, news, thought of the day, important facts, stories, PowerPoint presentations, a teacher’s address ends with National Anthem, all students attend in college uniform. In the morning assembly, videos and presentations related to diversity are highlighted.
  • All the mentors in charge prepare a cumulative record profile of the students to keep a track of their development.